International Language Inn


Our special method of approach!

Our target at International Language Inn is to help you master the spoken interaction of a language. This means that the trainee will learn to better speak and understand the foreign language which again will result in more confidence in using the language.

The language trainers at International Language Inn are here to help you meet your goal. The trainers offer interactive classes so as to make sure students practice the language as much as possible during the meetings.

The learner will be participating actively during the lessons. In this way the student practices the language, he enlarges his vocabulary and the intonation and pronunciation of the foreign language will improve. By means of this method the student actively rehearses the language allowing him to gain more confidence in the use of the language in a short time.

The trainers will not always be correcting the student’s spoken language. We think this will hinder the participation and interaction of the meetings. We will explain where and why communication can be disturbed and pay attention to serious mistakes. Of course we will also treat grammar, when needed, when the time is ripe. Our main focus is the spoken skill of a language. Methods will operate as support and/or as extra input to the meetings.


In addition it is probable language trainers will organize (extra) meetings to practice the language outside the centre.  Depending on the agreement signed this/these meeting(s) will occur after consultation and full understanding with the students.